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American Express – also known as Amex – belongs to the big triumvirate of credit card companies that also includes Visa and MasterCard. Unlike them, however, Amex doesn’t only work as a payment processor, but it also directly issues its cards and works with both consumers and businesses.

But how good are Amex cards and how viable are they for those who like to use credit cards for online gaming payments? Well, this article should give you the answers to all such questions.

About American Express

American Express was founded way back in the year of 1850 (!), which sets it apart from virtually all the other financial services. However, it is clear that only the recent history of American Express, which is incidentally also one of the thirty components of the famous Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index, is relevant for us.

The recent popularity of the company comes from its offers of credit cards, change cards, and traveller’s cheques, which allow its clients an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to payments. Contactless cards and special services for small businesses are among the firm’s most recent innovations.

Although it was originally founded in Buffalo, the company is currently headquartered in the New York City and boasts more than 54,000 employees, which means that it simply dwarves most of the competition. For example, Visa and MasterCard have less than 20,000 employees combined. To understand this, one has to realize that Visa and MasterCard don’t issue their cards and act only as payment processors, which means that their infrastructures are much less complicated.

How It Works

Amex credit cards work like all the other credit cards out there, which means that you can enjoy all the advantages these cards have. Firstly, there’s the flexibility of being able to pay for a vast range of goods and services without having to make any additional accounts.

Secondly, the actual payments are only a matter of seconds – all you need to do is enter your credentials, the credit card number and its security code.

Finally, all credit card payments are instantaneous, which means that there will be no artificial delays for you to worry about – you’ll be able to play with your money at your favourite online casino or sportsbook straight away.

Additional Features

Amex credit cards come in various shapes and sizes, with some of the more prestigious cards offering numerous additional features, including interesting loyalty programmes that will reward you for using your Amex card on a regular basis. As they say, the devil is in the detail, so you should explore all the different options before diving in. After all, there are significant differences not only on the front of additional features, but also in the interest rates, fees and payment schedules.

However, since American Express is a direct issuer of its cards, the range of deals it offers is slightly limited in comparison with what you can get with Visa and MasterCard – or, more precisely, with the banks that issue those cards. After all, there are countless banks issuing Visa and MasterCard cards, while there’s only one major company issuing Amex cards. Nonetheless, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something that will tickle your fancy if you decide to go with American Express.

Privacy and Security

Those who are looking for additional layers of privacy will have to look elsewhere, as Amex cards don’t allow you to stay anonymous in any shape or form. A lot also depends on your credit score, since it does affect which American Express cards and deals you will be able to sign up for.

And there isn’t much to talk about on the security front either – if you pay with your credit card directly, there will only be the typical security protocols (which include the very solid two-step payment authorization system) to fall back on. There isn’t a lot to worry about here, just don’t expect anything incredible that would set American Express cards apart from the rest of the competition.

Known Issues/Problems

Arguably the biggest problem that online gaming enthusiasts will have to face with their American Express cards is the fact that not all online casinos and sportsbooks accept them, so you should always check that beforehand. In fact, if Amex cards are your only available deposit method, you should probably check that even before you make an account at the online casino you’re looking at. Moreover, it may also be hard to withdraw your money back in some cases. This is all due to the fact that American Express is based in the United States – and we all know how complicated things are there due to the infamous UIGEA.

It should also be said that American Express isn’t particularly popular in Europe, so you might have problems paying with Amex cards if you’re also looking forward to using them for offline payments. For one reason or another, Visa and MasterCard are the two providers dominating the European markets and American Express just doesn’t seem to be particularly appealing for many European merchants.

We’ve also already mentioned that Amex cards do not offer any additional privacy and security features, but you can easily alleviate that issue by channelling your American Express payments through certain online services like the popular online wallets. That way, your direct payments won’t show up on your statements and they will also be more secure, but you may have to pay a certain price for that in the form of various fees. The good news is that you should then – in most cases – be able to use your funds without many of the aforementioned restrictions (it’s easy to withdraw money back to an online wallet, for example).


Put simply, you can’t really go wrong when paying with American Express. It’s one of the very oldest companies in the industry and its credit cards have always been the golden standard. Like all the other credit cards, Amex cards are incredibly easy to use and offer an unparalleled level of flexibility. Some of the more prestigious Amex cards even offer a plethora of additional features alongside solid interest rates and payment schedules.

However, the fact that American Express has always been primarily about the US market means that you might have a few problems paying with its cards in Europe. And, thanks to the UIGEA, you might also have issues paying with them at various online casinos and bookmakers. With all this in mind, fans of online casinos and sportsbooks should probably look at Visa and MasterCard deals first.

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