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Mustang Money Slot Review

While the vast majority of developers are trying to make things as innovative as possible, there are still some companies that are intent on sticking to traditional formulas. Ainsworth, the company that’s behind the Mustang Money slot game, are among them – but does that mean that we should simply ignore that particular slot? We don’t think so – and that’s why we’ve decided to come up with a full review.

Theme and Graphics

Although you aren’t going to find any cowboys in Mustang Money, the slot does retain a typical Wild West feel, with wild horses and eagles roaming around canyons and deserts. Interestingly, the designers decided to go with a very stylish palette for the most valuable symbols, which makes for a fairly good visual experience. That said, it is slightly hampered by the fact that the classic set of card symbols like Kings and Queens also makes an appearance on the slot’s reels.

We guess that this would all be reasonably fine, but we don’t have any positive words to say in connection with the game’s audio. While there are some regular sound effects to please you when the action gets going, there’s no background music to be found anywhere – and that really is a shocking absence!


In the first section of this review, we hinted at Mustang Money being an old-school slot that isn’t trying to break new ground – and old-school is also the one word that sums up its gameplay features.

Firstly, there’s the mandatory Wild symbol that depicts a wild mustang and that works as a substitute for all the other regular symbols when making winning combinations.

Mustang Money Slot

Secondly, there’s the Scatter symbol that comes in the form of the game’s logo and that pays out on all positions – just get three or more of them anywhere and you’ll see some coins rolling in your direction. That’s not all, however, as the Scatter also doubles as the gateway to the Free Spins feature.

Once you find three or more Scatters in a single spin, you’ll get a batch of ten free spins – and they all come with some special kickers. First, the reels change during all free spins, with the symbols appearing in slightly different places. Second, there are win multipliers attached to winning combinations that feature the Coin symbol, which is essentially an extra Wild that’s introduced during free spins. Third, you can get additional batches of five free spins by finding additional sets of three or more Scatters.


As you can see from the sections above, Mustang Money is a completely traditional slot game – and it therefore shouldn’t surprise you to learn that its playing field is also completely standard, featuring five reels and three rows.

Interestingly, however, players can play with as many as 100 paylines, with the best bit being that this number can be easily adjusted depending on one’s tastes. It’s naturally also possible to adjust the desired coin value, so there’s a tremendous amount of betting options to choose from. If you want to know the exact numbers, we can tell you that you can play for as little as €0.01 or as much as €75.

There’s one unfortunate thing that we simply can’t fail to mention, however – the slot’s theoretical return to player (RTP). Although Mustang Money is outperforming the vast majority of Ainsworth’s games in this department, the value of 94.38% remains unimpressive in the grander scheme of things.

Our best guess is that this has something to do with the company’s focus on land-based slots, as those tend to have lower values than modern video slots, but that naturally isn’t something that would make the disappointment go away.


When you put everything together, it’s not that hard to see that Mustang Money offers a very old-school experience that isn’t far from what you would get in a brick-and-mortar casino. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be hard for you to decide whether it’s the right slot for you or whether it simply isn’t worth your time and attention.

As far as we’re concerned, we have to praise the game for the fact that it gets all the basics right, but we also have to admit that we’re a bit disappointed by its poor RTP and unimpressive production values.

If you’re one of those players that like blander slots that are essentially throwbacks to the good old days in which slot games were still rather simple, you should have a good time playing Mustang Money. If cutting-edge audiovisuals and complex gameplay features are more your thing, on the other hand, you can just skip this slot and head somewhere else.

Where to Play

Mustang Money was produced by Ainsworth, a company that’s still focusing primarily on land-based casinos – and this means that its products aren’t available at a large range of online outlets at the moment. Thankfully, we have been able to find a place that we could wholeheartedly recommend in the form of the Vera&John casino.

What makes this particular place so special? Well, it’s how modern everything is, from the website design to the excellent games arsenal that has games from some of the most intriguing games developers.

On top of that, Vera&John also have one of the most intriguing loyalty schemes around. Whereas the vast majority of online casinos reward players for their wagers, this one also rewards them for simple actions like logins and deposits – and there are nice prizes waiting for everyone who hangs around for a while.

And if you like gaming on the go? Well, that’s no big deal either – Vera&John’s mobile website is one of the best out there!

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