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Ainsworth Slots

Most online players know quite a bit about casino software companies like Microgaming and Net Entertainment, but have you ever heard about Ainsworth Game Technology? We wouldn’t blame you for saying no, as they’re yet to make any breakthroughs on the online market, but we do think that they might be worth tracking due to how big they are and how much experience they have in the off-line sector.

About Ainsworth

Ainsworth first saw the light of day back in 1995, so there’s certainly a lot of weight behind the company. Originally, the firm was all about simple game cabinets for land-based casinos, but it’s already grown into a such a behemoth that it’s doing virtually everything you could associate with slot gaming – from cabinets to actual games, Ainsworth have all the bases covered.

The company’s headquarters can be found in Sydney, but the firm also has a number of smaller offices in Asia, USA and Europe.

What Makes Ainsworth Slots Special

If there’s one thing that makes Ainsworth’s slots well and truly stand out, it’s the fact that most of them come with a truly stunning number of paylines. And no, we aren’t talking about features like 243 Ways to Win here – we’re talking about regular paylines that you can tinker around with. This naturally also means that there’s typically a plethora of betting levels to choose from, so players with all kinds of bankrolls can enjoy Ainsworth’s slots to the full.

That said, we aren’t able to mention any truly outstanding gameplay features that would be the company’s trademark, because there are no such things to be found anywhere. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of releases that we’ve seen so far look like copies of games that were originally intended for land-based audiences – and those of you who have ever played a few slot games in a land-based casino surely know that there are still big differences between the land-based and online segments.

To put it blandly – we’re yet to see a truly intriguing online slot from Ainsworth. What’s there does provide a reasonable gaming experience and the games are certainly not completely featureless, but they are a far cry from what pretty much all the other studios are putting out. We get that those studios don’t usually have any land-based audiences to care about, but that’s hardly an excuse.

Highlight Slots

Chances are that you aren’t itching to give the Ainsworth games a go after reading through the section above, but we nonetheless feel obliged to highlight a few games from their repertoire.

First of all, there’s the Mustang Money video slot, a game that comes with a distinct Wild West atmosphere and a very nice palette of colours. There’s a lot to be liked on the visual front, but the gameplay department is limited only to what’s a fairly simple Free Spins feature.

Secondly, we’d like to point you towards Grand Bazaar. Although it isn’t all that exciting as far as the graphics are concerned, its Free Spins feature is fairly complex, as it comes with a special Feature Paytable and exclusive rules that make the experience surprisingly enjoyable.

To round things off, there’s also the Roaming Reels slot, which is actually one of Ainsworth’s 2016 releases. Its title doesn’t give much away theme-wise, but we can tell you that it’s all about African animals – and the graphics are as crisp as they could possibly be. What’s more, there’s also a rock-solid Free Spins feature thrown into the mix, which means that Roaming Reels is a very compact slot that’s building on all sorts of old-school sensibilities.

Also Worth Checking Out

Now – if you don’t like any of the games we’ve mentioned above, you should probably just skip to the next section. If you do like what Ainsworth offer, however, we’ll gladly provide you with some more games to check out.

First, we’d like to send you in the direction of Dragon Lines, the only Eastern-themed slot that’s in the company’s repertoire right now. The theme is naturally its main selling point, but we suppose that we should also mention its pacy gameplay.

Next, there’s the King Chameleon slot that will take you on a tropical journey. The tropical background is fairly nice, but the game isn’t brining anything new to the table on any other front.

Finally, there’s also the Diamond Chief slot, which comes with a slightly adjusted playing field and colourful graphics. To be fair, Diamond Chief might be the most interesting of these also-rans, but it’s still far away from what companies like NetEnt casinos and Microgaming are putting out on a regular basis.

Where to Play

Since the land-based industry still remains to be Ainsworth’s main focus, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the company’s games aren’t available at a massive number of online casinos. That said, the situation does seem to be improving at a decent pace and we can already recommend a great place for you to play at – and it goes by the name of Vera&John.

Although Vera&John aren’t nowhere near Ainsworth in terms of experience, they are a very modern online casino that offers the whole package for all casual players. Not only does their website feature a great design that’s both user-friendly and functional, but they also have a tremendous games catalogue that includes games from some of the most exciting games developers on the market.

On top of that, there’s also an excellent loyalty scheme that rewards players not only for the wagers they place, but also for smaller things like logins and deposits – and there’s no shortage of regular bonuses and promotions either!

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