Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy

At we review online casinos and we use the affilaite business model to support the cost of the research and effort that goes into getting all the details of the various casinos we deal with.

This business model involves the casinos paying for the traffic that we send to them.

According to various advertising guidelines we are supposed to say that the reviews on here are therefore not impartial.

However, our reviews cannot be bought.

The main listing point on this site is the deposit limits that are available at the various casios. If a casino does not have reasonably low limits then it will not be listed here. NO amount of money will get it listed if it does not fit the criteria of the site.

Whether a casino is rated as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is entirely the view of the people that operate this site. A bad review cannot be changed by paying for something better.

Even if we feel that a particular casino is not a place that we would play at, but it has low deposit limits, then we will most likely list it here.

If it has been proven to be a shady businesss, or is blacklisted by other respected affilaite sites, then we won’t list it here.

Advertising Disclosure

According to the Competition and Markets Authority (who regulates consumer law in the UK) all reviews should be linked to or contain a statement that follows this formula;

“This review is a promotional feature and the site has been paid for by ‘casino name’ to provide the following positive review about ‘casino name’ – this review is not provided by an independent consumer”

On this site, this is entirely not the case.

A little bit of a rant

The various advertising guidelines and codes of conduct have evolved while I have been a webmaster in the gambling industry.

Long before they started telling webmasters what they should say on their sites, I was following a simple basic rule of honesty in whatever I wrote online.

I stand by what I say about any online casino or other gambling site. I may occasionally be wrong in my opinion, but it is my opinion, free from any paid for influence.

It is fair to say that I resent being told to comply with guidelines that are in fact not as stringent as those values that I hold myself to.

There are some reviews on this site where we have very few positive things to say. Have a look around and you will find them.

Of course I want to make money from this site – if I don’t then I won’t be able to continue researching and publishing the details of the casinos. But I will not publish something that I do not believe. Ever. And no amount of money will get me to change that stance.

I suppose I should say as a final note that if my opinion is wrong I am open to being corrected. That goes both ways – if I like a casino but it turns out there are reasons that I should not like it, then I will change the review accordingly when I find this out. And if I don’t like a particular site but in fact I should, then I can be convinced of that too.