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Giant Riches Slot Review

We’re constantly on the lookout for games that are doing something slightly differently, so it was impossible for us to miss the Giant Riches slot that was released by the 2 By 2 Gaming studios in 2016. Does the end product live up to the expectations, however? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

Giant Riches is based on the popular Jack and the Beanstalk theme, so what you’re going to find on the game’s symbol is a nice fairy tale mix that includes not only the heroic Jack, but also the mythical giant, sacks of gold, geese, castles, harps and beans. And yes – there is also the traditional suite of A-K-Q-J-10 symbols to make up the numbers.

The graphics aren’t really cutting-edge from the technical point of view, but they are fairly easy on the eye, so we’ll give the 2 By 2 Gaming designers a pass on this front. We can’t, however, have any good words for the game’s soundtrack, as it really is well below what we’re used to hearing.


Now – what about the slot’s gameplay features? Well, that’s what we’re going to examine in this section.

First of all, there’s the mandatory Wild symbol that comes in the form of the slot’s logo and that substitutes for all symbols except Scatters.

Giant Riches Slot

Secondly, there’s the nice little detail of all reels containing stacked symbols. Whereas the first two reels contain stacked symbols that can cover up to six spaces, all the other reels have stacked symbols that can cover up to three spaces.

Next, there’s the Scatter symbol that looks like a castle and that can trigger massive amounts of free spins, although you’ll need to get plenty of them to really hit the heights. Let’s start with the lower values, however – three Scatters will net you eight free spins, four Scatters will reward you with twelve free spins, and five Scatters will give you sixteen free spins. Sounds boring? Well, let’s move on then – six Scatters will give you twenty free spins, seven Scatters will net you thirty free spins, and eight Scatters will reward you with a grand total of fifty (!) free spins. And the kicker? All payouts are doubled during free spins, so you can just sit back and enjoy watching all the coins rolling to your online wallet.

Finally, there’s also the Mystery feature that’s basically all about introducing a bit more randomness into the entire equation. Each reel has a few Mystery positions that are replaced by actual symbols before each spin – and the interesting bit is that they can be replaced only by the high-value ones during free spins.


Giant Riches features a very unorthodox playing field that has six rows and eight reels, although it’s structured in such a way that you can easily reduce the latter number to just five. Meanwhile, the number of paylines is fixed and stands at sixty.

Players can use two different sliders in order to adjust the stakes, so it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to find a comfortable betting level to play with. The lowest amount that can be staked on a single spin is €0.40, but high rollers can take that up to €160.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of Giant Riches is 96.06%, which is an inch above what we would except from this kind of slot.


So, what do we think about Giant Riches? Well, there’s no doubt that the slot does everything competently and that all the fundamentals are exactly where they should be. At the same time, it does feel a bit rough around the edges and we’re not quite sure whether the gameplay ideas really work all that well as a whole. The idea of having eight separate reels might look interesting on paper, but the gameplay features don’t do that much with it, do they?

With the audiovisuals not helping much either, it’s really hard for us to give the slot top marks and to recommend it to all kinds of players. We do like the fact that you can win huge amounts of free spins and all that jazz, but the harsh truth is that there are much better slots out there – slots that do virtually everything in a more polished fashion, in fact. Feel free to give Giant Riches a spin, but don’t go in expecting a great experience.

Where to Play

The Giant Riches video slot was produced by 2 By 2 Gaming, a games company that has deals with a decent number of excellent online casinos – and the one that we’d like to recommend here, not only because of their low £5.00 min. deposit requirement, is the Mr Green online casino.

What makes these guys so unique is their somewhat eccentric attitude that basically radiates through everything they do. Whereas the vast majority of online casinos are happy to just play it all by the book and stick to well-known principles, Mr Green are intent on doing things a bit differently – and they certainly have the writing skills to back it all up with some quality comments and remarks.

Some of you might now be a bit worried about the casino’s core services, but we can assure you that everything is absolutely fine there. Not only are Mr Green offering a cracking games catalogue that has slots from more than just a single developer, but they also have splendid promotional offers and numerous live tables.

Finally, we simply can’t fail to mention that Mr Green excel on the mobile gaming front – in fact, the apps they have on offer for both iOS and Android might even be the very best around!

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