2 By 2 Gaming Casinos

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2 By 2 Gaming Casinos

The infamous piece of legislation that goes by the name of UIGEA has forced many games developers out of the United States, but the industry hasn’t gone away completely and there are some very good companies out there that are still dabbling in casino gaming. 2 By 2 Gaming are one of them – and that’s why we’ve decided to compile an article about them.

About 2 By 2 Gaming

2 By 2 Gaming have been on the scene for quite a while now, but what’s most interesting is that they have a lot of experience in their management team. Even some of their employees can be considered to be industry veterans, which is naturally all reflected in the decisions they make on the business level – and to say that they’re doing well would be an understatement, as they have deals with casinos like Bet365, the increasingly popular Mr. Green Casino and old reliables like Unibet.

The company’s main offices can be found in the Chicago area.

2 By 2 Gaming’s Products

2 By 2 Gaming are almost exclusively about slots games, but chances are that you’ll be surprised to learn that real-money online casinos aren’t their only customers in this regard. Instead, they’ve got their attention split between real-money online casinos, social casinos and land-based casinos – and it seems that they value all three sectors fairly evenly.

Apart from this, the company is also offering consulting services for all kinds of operators, which is an area in which it can build on its vast knowledge of markets, jurisdictions and technologies.

Special Features

Whereas many games developers are happy to produce run-of-the-mill slots that don’t have any interesting gameplay features, 2 By 2 Gaming aren’t willing to go without throwing in a few innovations every now and then. And their trademark feature? Well, it has to be all those experiments they’re doing with playing fields.

We’re not talking only about different sizes, here – after all, virtually every single games developer has slots with different amounts of reels and rows. 2 By 2 Gaming are capable of doing that and they often push it to the extreme by giving their games up to six rows, but they also like to experiment with the shapes of their playing fields.

This often leads to fresh gameplay that does away with traditional concepts of paylines and symbols that come in only one size – and we simply have to give the company a thumbs up for how its games play.

Top Online Slot Games

Theory might be important, but what about the actual practice? You’re probably already itching to give the 2 By 2 Gaming slots a go, so we’ve decided to prepare a shortlist of games that are worth checking out first and foremost.

First of all, there’s Giant Riches, which was actually the company’s flagship game at the time of writing. This lovely slot might be building on a classic fairy tale theme, but its gameplay is decidedly modern, so we can wholeheartedly recommend it to all kinds of players. The most interesting bit is that it’s using a very unorthodox playing field that has five reels and six rows, which allows its unique gameplay features to well and truly stand out.

Next, there’s the Mandarin Fortune slot that combines Eastern themes with simple gameplay to create a very traditional gaming experience that will surely please all the conservative players out there. There are some rough edges here and there, but chances are that you aren’t even going to notice them once you get drawn into the game’s atmosphere.

To round things off, we’re going to mention Greener Pasteur, which explores the world of labs, viruses and infections. That’s obviously one of the more unorthodox themes out there, but it works really well in the context of this particular game. If you’re looking for something slightly different on the theme front, Greener Pasteur is a slot that you simply can’t afford to miss.

Supported Platforms

With the company catering to all sorts of casinos, it’s only natural that it’s staying on top of all the technological bits and pieces. In practical terms, 2 By 2 Gaming are currently capable of developing in both Flash and HTML5, the two most crucial technologies as far as online gaming is concerned. They’re yet to make the big breakthrough on the mobile gaming scene, but it seems that this is only a matter of time, as they do have everything they need for that to happen.

What’s more, they’re also claiming that they can develop for various stand-alone platforms – and this is well-supported by the fact that some of their games can be played on devices like Kindle.

Known Problems/Issues

If there’s one negative thing that we simply can’t fail to mention in connection with 2 By 2 Gaming, it has to be the production values of the online slots they’re putting out. This is most directly evident in the audiovisuals most of them come with – put simply, they aren’t nowhere near as good as they could possibly be.

Given that we’ve got absolutely no issues with 2 By 2 Gaming on the gameplay front, this really is quite puzzling, but we suppose that it might have something to do with how much the company cares about land-based operations. For one reason or another, classic casino slots have never featured top-notch graphics and this situation isn’t changing very quickly, so chances are that 2 By 2 Gaming are indeed stuck in some sort of a “visuals don’t matter” mentality.

In any case, we do hope that more resources will get invested into that particular area, as that could really get the company much higher in terms of popularity and reputation.

Summing Up

All in all, 2 By 2 Gaming are somewhat of an enigma to us. On one hand, we really like how their games play. On the other hand, most of them are lacking in the audiovisual department and it’s clear that their online slots are being brought down a bit by the fact that the company is still catering to land-based operators. We don’t know whether this is going to change or not, so we can only hope that things are going to improve in the future. As things stand, we can recommend the 2 By 2 Gaming games only to those players that value gameplay over top-notch visuals.

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