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Kitty Cash Slot Review

Although there are plenty of epic slots out there at the moment, there’s certainly something to be said for all those smaller ones that aren’t even trying to shoot for the stars. Instead, they’re trying to deliver smaller packages of entertainment that are aimed at casual players that want to play shorter sessions and veterans that simply want to enjoy a small break from all the blockbusters. Kitty Cash slot, which was produced by 1×2 Gaming, is certainly one of such slots – so what is it all about?

Theme and Graphics

As far as the theme is concerned, Kitty Cash is primarily about kitties, although there are some dogs thrown into the mix as well. And that isn’t even all – instead of all those boring symbols like Aces and Kings, we’re getting things like fish and mice, so it’s a fairly interesting mix. The graphics aren’t exactly cutting-edge, but they are entertaining and there are so many animations that the whole package just oozes atmosphere, which is something that you don’t see very often on the slot gaming scene. Seriously – the theme might not be epic, but the visuals are as lively as it gets!

Unfortunately, we can’t have that many positive words when it comes to the game’s soundtrack, as it features what’s perhaps the most repetitive background music that we’ve ever heard. Just turn it off straight away – you’ll be glad that you did.


We’ve already hinted at Kitty Cash being a smaller gimmicky slot, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it doesn’t contain a lot of gameplay features. In fact, this goes so far that there are just two things that we could possibly talk about, the first of which is the game’s Wild symbol.

Kitty Cash Slot

In Kitty Cash, it takes the form of a black cat and what it does is that it substitutes for all the other regular symbols when forming winning combinations on active paylines. That would be a bit boring on its own, however, so it also works as a win multiplier, doubling all wins that appear on paylines with at least one Wild symbol – and note that this multiplier works even if the Wild itself isn’t a part of the actual winning combination!

Apart from that, there’s also the cat food symbol that comes with a distinct “Free Spins” label, so there are no prizes for guessing what it does. It’s indeed all about getting a bunch of free spins here – all you need to do is get three or more of these symbols on any active payline. And how many free spins can you get? Well, three cat food symbols will give you five free spins, four cat food symbols will net you fifteen free spins, and five cat symbols will reward you with a grand total of twenty-five free spins.


There are no surprises waiting for you when it comes to the playing field of Kitty Cash, as it features the standard setup of five reels and three rows. What’s more, it only features nine different paylines, which is a number that you don’t see very often.

You can adjust the number of active paylines to your liking, however, so you can play with just one or two of them if that’s what you desire. There are also two other separate sliders that you can use in order to find the betting stakes that you’re most comfortable with, which translates into a humongous number of options. The lowest amount that you can play for is just €0.01, but it’s possible to play for as much as €22.50.

To round things off, we’d also like to mention that the game’s theoretical RTP (return to player) has been set to 97.86%, a value that is well above the industry standards.


Let’s be honest here – Kitty Cash isn’t a slot game that would keep your attention for long days and nights. Instead, it’s a completely gimmicky game that’s supposed to be played in short bursts, combining pacy gameplay with hilarious graphics that can entertain you for a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

And that’s not such a bad combination, is it? We might all love those epic slots with fantasy themes and solid jackpots, but those just aren’t suitable for shorter sessions in which one just wants to get the gaming fix in without having to go through complex gameplay systems.

With that, try not to forget about Kitty Cash when you next get a few spare minutes – it might very well be the distraction you desire!

Where to Play

Although 1×2 Gaming have a fairly sturdy slot games repertoire, they do seem to be having a tough time getting their games to the biggest of online casinos. There’s a reasonable number of places at which you can play their slots, but the vast majority of them aren’t completely trustworthy by our standards, so there really is just one casino that we could possibly recommend in this article – the SlotsMillion online casino.

Thankfully, it’s actually one of the casinos that we really love and appreciate, with its massive games repertoire being its main selling point. Chances are that you know some casinos that have slots from more than just one games developer, but SlotsMillion are taking that to a completely new level by offering games from tens of them. We’re serious here – you won’t be able to give all the slots a good go unless you dedicate a few months to that task!

The downside to using SlotsMillion casino is their deposit limit of $20. If you want a casino with a low 5 pound deposit limit there are some good ones available that also use 1X2 Gaming slots games.

And the one big kicker? SlotsMillion are one of the very few casinos that have already done something interesting with virtual reality, having developed a VR environment that all players with virtual reality headsets can enjoy!

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