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Downtown Slot Review

The online slot gaming market seems to be full of games that have cheerful themes – and the situation has gone so far that it’s really hard to find a lot of slots that build on something dark and gloomy. Well, enter Downtown – a slot game from 1×2 Gaming that’s been designed to cater to all players that are already sick of seeing happy faces on slot reels.

Theme and Graphics

Downtown is going to take you to a very unfriendly neighborhood that’s full of people that you simply wouldn’t want to be meeting over and over again. Murderers and thugs – this is what you’re going to find on the slot’s symbols, with the classic suite of A-K-Q-J-10-9 also thrown into the mix.

The interesting bit is that the graphics are using a very limited palette to instill a sense of discomfort, which is then taken to the next level thanks to the game’s atmospheric soundtrack. If you’re a fan of movies like Sin City, you’ll feel right at home – and we have to say that it’s all a very welcome change from all those colorful games with upbeat music.


Are the interesting audiovisuals coupled with innovative gameplay? Unfortunately, the answer to that is no – but the good news is that there’s a decent amount of features that will keep you occupied for long hours.

First of all, there’s the well-designed Wild symbol that works exactly as you’d expect it to, substituting for all the other regular symbols in order to form new winning paylines.

Downtown Slot

Secondly, there’s the Free Spins feature that’s triggered once you get three or more Free Spins symbols on any payline. Three of these symbols will net you five free spins, four of them will reward you with ten free spins and a full payline will give you fifteen free spins. This is all pretty standard, but the interesting bit is that all free spin wins are automatically doubled, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy watching all those coins rolling into your purse.

Finally, there’s also the Bonus symbol that comes in the form of a cell and that actually comes with two interesting gimmicks. The first of them is that it has its own payout values, so you’ll always get a nice win whenever you get a winning payline of these symbols. Secondly, three of these Bonus symbols on the board will allow you to play the so-called Shootout round, a small – but drastic – mini game.


Downtown uses a completely orthodox setup of twenty-five paylines spread across five reels and three rows, but the interesting bit is that you can freely change the number of paylines you want to play with.

That naturally means that there are plenty of betting levels to choose from – in total, you can adjust three different sliders in order to find the stakes that suit you the most. The absolute minimum that you can play for is just €0.01, but that can be increased to up to €62.50, so we’ve got no complaints on this particular front.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of the slot stands at 97.70%, which is well above what we consider to be the industry standard.


Although Downtown is lacking a little bit in terms of both audiovisuals and gameplay, the developers have somehow managed to infuse it with such a tremendous atmosphere that we simply have to recommend the game to all players that want to give something fresh a go. There are hundreds of cheerful slots around and many of them are much better than Downtown, but the game doesn’t have a lot of competition when it comes to games that are similarly grim and dark – and that’s the one thing that makes it well and truly stand out.

There’s jut no going around it – all the small details Downtown comes with make the game more than just a sum of its parts, which is a very rare sight on the online slot gaming scene. It’s not a slot that you’re going to fall in love with for long months and it most certainly isn’t a chart-topper, but it’s the ideal game for players that want to play something gloomy.

Where to Play

There’s a decent chance that you’re now itching to give Downtown a go, but there’s one small issue to discuss here – and it’s the fact that 1×2 Gaming currently don’t have deals with a large number of excellent online casinos. Thankfully there are a good few 1×2 Gaming casinos that have low deposit limits of just £5.

There is also one online casino that has Downtown in its arsenal and that we want to recommend – and that casino is, of course, SlotsMillion. You probably haven’t heard about these guys just yet, but we can tell you that you’re actually missing out on a lot, as the games selection that’s on offer at SlotsMillion already has more than 1300 unique slots from dozens games developers.

Seriously – if you want to have just one online casino that you could use for all your slot gaming desires, SlotsMillion are one of the few places that you absolutely have to consider. On top of the humongous slots catalogue, there’s also a solid amount of bonuses and promotions on offer at all times.

And the kicker? Well, SlotsMillion are constantly experimenting with new technologies like VR and they actually already have a special VR environment ready for players that own a headset! Give these guys a go – we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

The only drawback to this casino is the relatively high minimum deposit requirement of €20.00.

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