1×2 Gaming Slots

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1×2 Gaming Slots

The online gaming scene might be full of new companies, but it would be a big mistake to ignore all the older ones – after all, those firms have plenty of experience under their belts and that does have to count for something. With that, let’s take a closer look at 1×2 Gaming.

About 1×2 Gaming

The company was founded back in the year of 2002, so it’s possible to say that it’s been around pretty much since day one. Many developers from that era are now long defunct, so the simple fact that 1×2 Gaming are still around shows that they’re doing something well and that they don’t have to be overly worried about their future.

At the time of writing, 1×2 Gaming were headquartered in the United Kingdom – more specifically, their main offices could be found in Brighton & Hove.

What Makes 1×2 Gaming Slots Special

So far, we haven’t said anything negative about 1×2 Gaming, but we’re afraid that things can’t stay that way for any longer, as there are some bits that simply need to be mentioned in order for you to get the entire picture.

The deal is this – 1×2 Gaming have been around for more than a decade now, but they’re yet to make a significant impact on the market in terms of innovations. For one reason or another, these guys are more about following than leading and the end result of that is that their games don’t include any daring or ground-breaking features.

Of course, not every games developer has to be incredibly creative, but we do feel that this particular company hasn’t even attempted to punch above its weight – and to say that we’re disappointed by that would be an understatement. We’d love to see that change, but it’s hard to imagine that it will given that the firm seems to have its attention split between slot games and virtual sports.

On a more positive note – we also feel obliged to mention that 1×2 Gaming seem to have a knack for making games with grim atmospheres, which is something that you don’t see all that often.

Highlight Slots

Chances are that you’re already itching to give some of the 1×2 Gaming slots a go, so let’s take a closer look at where you should start.

The first slot that we’re going to recommend here goes by the name of Deadworld – and it really is a treat for everyone who likes comic books and the graphic style that’s associated with them. 1×2 Gaming developed this one in cooperation with Caliber Comics and it shows. One of the symbols does look a bit off, but the game features an excellent atmosphere and it can really draw you in with that.

Once you get past Deadworld, it will be high time for you to head over to Downtown, which has a similarly grim atmosphere thanks to its visuals. The creativity level is somewhat lower here, but the gameplay is rock-solid and we’re sure that you’re going to get at least a few hours of good fun from this one.

Not everything in the 1×2 Gaming arsenal is grim and gloomy, however – and those who want to enjoy something light hearted and cheerful will do well to check out Kitty Cash. It needs to be said that the graphics won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the slot is nonetheless quite ideal for the odd coffee break. No complicated game systems, no complicated ideas – it’s just jolly good time in its purest form.

Also Worth Checking Out

We can’t claim to have fallen in love with the 1×2 Gaming repertoire, but we’re quite happy to give some additional tips for those of you who would like to dig even deeper and see what these guys produced in the past.

To kick things off, there’s the Piggy Bank slot that’s a bit like Kitty Cash in that it’s completely light hearted and very simplistic, but we suppose that some of you might be quite enchanted by the game’s hilarious theme.

Next, there’s Halloween Horrors, a game that laid the foundations for Deadworld and Downtown. It’s not as grim and its visual style isn’t as well-defined, but it’s certainly good for what it is.

Finally, we’ll also mention Treasure of the Pyramids, which is the ideal game for those of you who want to be able to make comparisons between the various games developers. After all, pretty much every single one of them has already made an Egyptian-styled slot – and Treasure of the Pyramids isn’t anything more than that.

Where to Play

Although 1×2 Gaming are working with some of the biggest operators out there in a number of sectors, their slots aren’t getting a great deal of attention and they currently aren’t featured at a big number of prestigious online casinos.

They are, however, available at SlotsMillion, who have recently become our one stop shop for all slot gaming needs. Some of you will surely hate the fact that they don’t care about games like blackjack and roulette, but we think that this is only a very small price to pay for what they have, i.e. more than a thousand slot games from more than a dozen games developers.

The only issue with playing at Slotsmillion is the $20 min deposit limit, but there are many casinos featuring 1×2 Gaming slots that have a £5.00 minimum deposit limit.

To round things off, we’d also like to highlight the fact that SlotsMillion are constantly experimenting with new technologies – most recently, they’ve developed a dedicated VR environment in which players can enjoy their favourite slot games. Some will surely say that this is merely a small gimmick, but it’s a very interesting one at the very least and it shows that SlotsMillion are willing to go the extra mile on all kinds of fronts.

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